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There are some very unpleasant materials lurking in older buildings and using the expertise of Rye Environmental we can remove all these hazardous materials such as asbestos and other contaminants fully and safely. REL is a licensed asbestos removal contractor and is experienced in all types of site remediation.




As part of the Rye Group of Companies we have Rye Environmental Ltd which has a Licence to remove asbestos. Also within Rye Environmental Ltd we carry out site remediation and stabilisation packages. Currently we are remediating a site in Crayford for a housing developer following on from a large demolition contract. Initially the site was contaminated with Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, hydro-carbons and heavy metals. The issue with bats, snakes, slowworms and newts also had to be dealt with. Following discussions with the Environment Agency, they were keen to support ourselves in an attempt to prevent materials leaving the site to go to Landfill. A strategy was produced to minimise any removal.

The strategy comprised of screening and crushing large areas of onsite ground and stockpiles and the general site areas to produce an acceptable material for re-use in the development. We crushed all the concrete generated from the demolition and produce various grades of fill material including Type 1 crushed concrete. The contaminated material containing hydrocarbons and heavy metals were treated on site in conjunction with our Consultants and no materials left the site. As a result of the treatment all issues with regard to contamination and leachability have been resolved.

The fill which is being generated is geotechnically unsuitable and so options were considered to stabilise this material for re-use. Option 1 involved geotechnically unsuitable material being blended with 1% cement to achieve a California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of 7% and compacted in layers (approximately 400 mm) sandwiched between geo-membrane. The advantage of this option is that a minimal amount of stabilisation will be required and the treatment process is quick. A geo-membrane would, however, still be required and the low cement content presents a long term risk of reduced stability if the construction programme is delayed or extends into the winter months. We therefore moved to a second acceptable option.

Geotechnically unsuitable material would be blended with 2% cement to achieve a CBR of 20% and compacted in layers across the site. Geo-membranes would only be required under roads and the stabilised material would provide a sustained durability. A considerable advantage of this option is that the ground will remain stable and therefore unaffected by the build programme. Should a decision be made to postpone construction or sell the site the land will have a higher intrinsic value. The higher CBR value of the ground will also result in a reduction in the thickness of the piling mat.

The added cost saving resulted in a very satisfactory solution to a severely contaminated site.

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